Industrial Chemical Solutions

AKA GLOBAL POWER UK Limited, is an authorized distributor of ETS International Limited, Germany for UK, AFRICA & PAKISTAN

We proudly Offer Environmental friendly High Tech Solutions for your unique Cleaning and Rust/Corrosion problems of any kind of Military/Commercial Industries in care for your Health and a Better Clean ENVIRONMENT.

As Now is the time to REPLACE & Reduce the Dangerous poisonous/Toxic De-rusting-Rust  prevention Chemicals     as Oils-Greases,  Spirits, Alcohol, Acids, Acetone, Trekolene, Trichlorothane 111, Paraffin, Caustic  Soda,(Citric acid) Petrochemicals,  Solvents, etc……..

Our  products   meet  the most   stringent  US  and  European Regulations for Solvents free cleanings processes also certified & approved by NATO  (NSN) Airbus, Mc Douglas Aircrafts , Boeing, Euro-copter, AMS 1526B, Mil-PRFs,  REACH, from  Various International Labs, Organizations for Standards/Norms and can be used throughout a broad range of Industries as Oil & Gas/ Military/Aircraft/Automotive/Paints/Foods & Recreation Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals, Textile &paper/ Marine and Shipping, Offshore, Road Transport, Manufacturing , Household, PVC-Leather, Plastic-Rubber, workshops-Maintenance Industries ……