Quality Statement

AKA Global Power Quality Statement:

We are committed to continuous improvement in our activities and business according to the following principles:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Provide superior solutions and products to our customers
  • Involve our employees in the continual development process
  • Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations.
  • Customer satisfaction by giving accurate and reliable results
  • Adopting excellence in everything we do
  • To extend excellent customer support and services at all times
  • Meet customer demands as per their requirement and satisfaction

Working Criteria:

  • We provide a variety of genuine spare parts
  • Our technical staff ensures the quick and efficient response
  • The complaints are received by phone, our skilled is ready to solve the rapidly.
  • We provide our online services 24/7.


  • Customer for life
  • Working as team inside & outside
  • Delivering services as per customer satisfaction

Smart Goals:

  • Respect for People
  • A will to win
  • Customer Commitment
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

Core Values:

  • Excellence and professionalism in our business practices and core activities.
  • Cohesiveness and integrity between our values and business goals.
  • Respect and Prosperity for all stakeholders.
  • Sincerity in our desire to present the customer with a quality service performed.
  • Trained to be honest in every aspect of the transaction with our customers.
  • Our commitment which creates the environment wherein quality of service is achieved.

Code of Ethics:

All members of AKA Global Power family from our directors, managers, officers, employees and affiliates continually work to develop and protect this commitment to doing business ethically. The company’s commitment to those standards and values is defined in our code of business conduct.

We believe that a sustainable company is built on a foundation of the good governance that promotes ethical behavior at all levels. Our ethics and compliance focuses on helping AKA Global Power maintain its tradition as an ethical company as it grows globally.

Our ethical values: 

  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Sincerity

AKA Global Power put these values into practice through a comprehensive compliance awareness program targeting appropriate employee groups to promote ethical behaviour.

Global Objectives

The Basic objectives of AKA Global Power are as follows:

  • To establish business profit making from the first year of operations.
  • To develop reliable supply chain of Power Generators & their Parts in UK.
  • To secure loyal customer base and generate repeat business with customers.
  • To become market leader by providing consistent quality products through export of only quality standard Power Generators & their Parts.

Key to Success:

Here are some factors which would be parameters of our success:

  • Integrity in business dealings with stakeholders, gaining their loyalty.
  • Maintaining supply of quality products at competitive prices.
  • Customer satisfaction service and commitment to business values.
  • Extension and promotion of business through effective marketing.

HSE Policy:

  • To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities
  • To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  • To ensure safe handling
  • To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
  • To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions

Business Activities:

The primary business activities of AKA Global Power UK Ltd are:

  • Provide Genuine spares parts with technical support for all brands in the market
  • Supply of Engine Overhaul kits / parts for all major brands available in the market.
  • Technical Support
  • Solar Power Solutions


  • Professional Management / leadership
  • Technical Expertise
  • Healthy Working Environment
  • Employee Motivation
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the important factors and plays critical role in success of a business. It helps business to communicate its target market by ensuring presence of company’s products in the market through advertisements and other promotion tactics.

AKA Global Power UK Ltd, in order to reach its target audience i.e. importers of Power generators & its Parts around the globe will register in business directories so that potential importers can find AKA Global Power UK Ltd, as a business involved in exports of Power generators & its parts & also locally distribute in UK.

A company website is designed allowing prospective importers of Power generators & its Parts to browse and find about company’s products.